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About Interface Corporation
Interface Corporation
Interface Corporation was established in Hiroshima, Japan in 1978. Since then, the company has designed, developed and manufactured a number of industrial PCs, interface boards, and software contents. Firstly, it developed interface boards and became an innovative leader in the field. Then, using the abundant experience, the company started to develop unique industrial PCs. The company always dedicates to provide high quality, powerful and reliable products.

An Abundance of Products
Interface Corporation has produced a large variety of products.
The below shows the core product lineup of Interface Corporation.
  Classembly Devices         Compact Embedded Device
  Eco Classembly Devices Sho-ene Classembly Devices Extended Temperature Classembly Devices Touch Panel Classembly Devices
  ECO Industrial Computers Energy Efficient
Industrial Computers
Vehicle Mounted
Industrial Computers
Touch Panel
Industrial Computers
  Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge,
HDD x 6
Compact size,  
Extended function and temperature
Wide range operating temperature from -30 to +70 degrees C For digital signage,
Wide range operating temperature
  Industrial Computers        No Less than 20000 Types   Mother Board
  Long-Term Supply Industrial Controller Slot-in Industrial Controller Nonstop Industrial Controller Load-Balancing Industrial Controller   Industrial Mother Board
  Long-Term Supply Industrial Computers Slot-in
Industrial Computers
Industrial Computers
Load-Balancing Industrial Computers   Industrial
Mother Board
  PCI bus, Easy replacement of PC
10-year stable supply
CompactPCI bus,
Fanless, HDD-less
24/7 continuous operation Two CPUs to balance loads   High performance
ATX Compatible
  Interface Boards        A Wide Variety, No Less than 530 Types
  PCI Board PCI Express Board CompactPCI Board
  PCI PCI Express CompactPCI
  More than 300 types High speed Industrial bus
  Extensions   Accessories
  Hikari-Nozomi Line Extension unit,
Fiber-optic cable
(extendable up to 100 m)
Cable, terminator, etc.
  Software Drivers, utilities, and support software for industrial computers and interface boards
Windows, Linux, DOS, LabVIEW, MATLAB, QNX, HALCON, INtime, etc.
Interface Technology and Productivity
Staying true to "Made in Japan" is the driving force of Interface Corporation.
Interface Corporation challenges high technologies.
The company makes continuous efforts to develop its products adopting high technologies. Classembly Devices and Industrial Computers developed by the company incorporate the state-of-the-art Intel(R) CPUs.
Interface Corporation designs, develops, and produces its products by itself.
The company has accumulated technical information for many years to utilize the information for further development.
Interface Corporation produces products at its own factories in Japan.
Interface Corporation produces products at its own factories in Japan. The Company sticks on designing and production in Japan while many of its competitors move their manufacturing plants overseas. The Company has developed automated production system by itself to achieve high-mix low-volume production and middle-volume production. Automated production system is designed to strictly control each production process and to reduce lead time.
Interface Corporation offers you prototypes from its factories in a timely manner.
The company offers you mock-ups produced by a 3D molding machine and working prototypes.

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