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EV Quick Charger Monitoring System
The following chart shows the comparison between Interface Long-Term Supply industrial computers and commercial personal computers.

Interface Long-Term Supply
Industrial Computer
Personal Computer
Supply Long-term production and supply Short time life cycle less than 3 year,
frequent model change
Operating Conditions High temp/humidity, harsh environment,
anti-vibration, anti-shock features
Home-use oriented,
Not suitable for harsh conditions
Cost / Reliability / Quality Higher cost for high reliability and quality
Long period usage justifies higher cost.
Lower cost, reliability and quality vary
Customization Case, HDD, memory, OS, expansion slots, I/O, input power are selectable and can be customized Standardized
Most of them cannot be customized.
Size 90(W)x235(D)x155(H)[mm](smallest) Some models do not have expansion slot.
Noise Quiet Operation Fan noise
Expansion Slot Up to 25 slots can be selected No expansion slots or a few of them
Interface Modules More than 500 kinds of PCI/PCIe boards can be selected from Interface line-up Third party modules only.
Input Power 100Vac, +100Vdc/+110Vdc, +48Vdc, +24Vdc, +12Vdc can be selected. 100Vac only.
Anti-Dust Specific model can be selected. N/A
Windows No Activation necessary (embedded)
Long-term license period
Activation is must.
Short-term license period
Linux Interface Linux System preinstalled model available. Linux Model not available.
Embedded OS Windows Embedded N/A or very few embedded system
Boot Device HDD / CFast / CF / SSD HDD only
Product Long-Term Supply industrial computer series
Long-Term Supply Industrial Computer
Personal computer
Personal Computer

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