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Interface’s unique feature “Buchikiri”
 What is Buchikiri (bu-chi’ki-ri)?
Buchikiri is the function that safely turns off Windows PC without shutting down. Preventing data from being written to the boot device, the system can be turned off without taking normal shutting down process. Under the normal condition OS must take proper shutting down process; otherwise stored data will be lost, damaged or corrupted.
Interface computers with built-in “Buchikiri” function can be turned off by simply unplugging or turning off main power breaker. It will not cause any damage to the system or data.
 Read Only Mode   Security Function
By preventing the date from being written to the boot device, the system boots up in the same condition as before. Windows Embedded Standard installed systems have built-in EWF (Enhanced Write Filter) and FBWF (File-Based Write Filter) function. Should the system be compromised by accident, the system will be restored to the original default state by simply turning off the power.Security Function
 Unexpected Power Failure Measure
With the optional battery module, the system will shut down automatically when a sudden power failure occurs.
The automatic shutdown process protects the system.
The system can be programmed to reboot automatically after the power is restored.
Perfect for unstable power conditions and unattended 24/7 embedded systems.
 Enhanced Write Filter (EWF)
EWF is a function of Windows Embedded Standard, which blocks writing data to drives. EWF does not simply block writing but prevents data from being written to the drive and allows applications or operating system to work on write-protected drive. By using the EWF, it is possible to boot operation system from read-only media and install operating system to flash media; such as SSD and CF that have limited number of write-access. Even if the settings were changed while the system is running, rebooting automatically returns the system to the original setting just before EWF is enabled.
 Windows Embedded OS
Interface offers following pre-installed systems.
・Windows Embedded Standard 2009
・Windows Embedded Standard 7
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