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EV Quick Charger Monitoring System
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■ EV Quick Charger Monitoring System
The EV Quick Charger Monitoring System is a device to monitor CHAdeMO quick chargers.
It has been developed specifically for EV quick charger manufacturers.

What is CHAdeMO?
CHAdeMO is a standard for a quick charging method for electric vehicles delivering up to 62.5 kW of high-voltage direct current (DC) via a special electrical connector. It is proposed as a global industry standard by CHAdeMo Association.
The CHAdeMo method achieves quick charge in a short time without damage to the battery. The Electronic control unit (ECU) of electric vehicle (EV) specifies the optimal charging current depending on the battery conditions. And an external charger delivers DC to an EV in accordance with the commands from the ECU.
>> See the brochure of EV Quick Charger Monitoring System(PDF:2,749KB)

* The pictures are for reference purpose only.
* CHAdeMO Protocol Rev. 0.9 compliant
Easily Controllable Web Application
The EV Quick Charger Monitoring System monitors the quick charger and EV through web browser by connecting with a client computer using LAN.
It monitors CAN messages, charging current value, and the status of control signals for up to 15 minutes consecutively. The monitoring data can be saved as a file.
The Web application is easy to operate, just select an analysis pattern and press a button.
   Web Browser  * Click pictures for full size.
Click to enlarge. (1)
Select "Measurement" or "Data management" in the opening page.
Click to enlarge. (2)
Select an analysis pattern to start measuring.
- Normal/vehicle
- Normal/charger
- Abnormal/charging/vehicle
- Abnormal/charging/charger
- Abnormal/before charging/vehicle
- Abnormal/before charging/charger
Click to enlarge. (3)
Measurement settings, start time, elapsed time, and number of measurement data are displayed on the screen during measuring.
After measurement is completed, the result of the analysis can be downloaded to your computer.
Click to enlarge. (4)
Measurement data are displayed on the Data management page.
Select data to analyze or delete.

   Measurement Result  * Click pictures for full size.
The result measured by the EV Quick Charger Monitoring System is saved in a CSV file.
The measurement time, CAN receive data, analog-to-digital input data are included in the file.
The measurement data and evaluation result in every test case are shown by reading the CSV file with Microsoft Excel.
 The measurement result is displayed as below. The evaluation result in every test case is displayed as below.
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.

Example Connection
Example Connection
The following components of the EV Quick Charger Monitoring System are stored in a hard attache case.
Hard attache case
(with a shoulder belt and keys)

Hard attache case

Monitoring System ,
AC adapter

Monitoring System
DIFFERENTIAL PROBE 9322, AC adapter, power cable
Recovery media

Recovery media
AC adapter, power cable

9-pin D-sub connector
CAN cable

9-pin D-sub CAN cable
15-pin D-sub connector analog input cable

15-pin D-sub analog input cable
BNC cable

BNC cable
* Some components are not shown in the table above.
* The pictures are for reference purpose only.
Supported Languages
English and Japanese

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