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32-Bit 4-Channel 3-Mode Pulse Counter and 16-Channel Digital Input/Output Low Profile PCI Product
The LPC-631204, an encoder pulse counter product for Low Profile PCI-based computers, provides 4-channel 32-bit counters. This product supports three pulse count modes: gated single-phase pulse count, phase-shifted pulse count, and upward/downward pulse count modes. This product incorporates a 32-bit counter which can interface an incremental encoder and linear scale. This product supports a wide input voltage range of +5 Vdc to +24 Vdc, and can connect to encoders in the following specificatoins; complimentary output, differential output (line driver output), open-collector output, and voltage output. When used as TTL output, differential output requires an appropriate wiring for TTL. The LPC-631204 has 16 bi-directional CMOS-gated high-voltage input (with pull-up resister) and TTL open-collector output (with pull-up resister) channels. The input circuit of this product requires no external power supply. This product supports external reset signal input to clear an output mode. This product includes a timer/counter circuit which can be used as an interval timer.

Other product line-up
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LPC-630101 32-Bit 1-Channel Timer/Counter Low Profile PCI Product
LPC-632102 32-Bit 2-Channel 50 MHz Single-Phase Pulse Counter Low Profile PCI Product
LPC-632104 32-Bit 4-Channel Multi-Function Counter Low Profile PCI Product
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