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32-Bit 4-Channel Multi-Function Counter PCI Express Product
The PEX-632104, a multi-function counter product for PCI Express-based computers, provides four 32-bit multi-function counters. The circuit of external interface is +5 Vdc TTL level input/output. Each multi-function counter supports three pulse count modes. They can measure pulse width and average frequency. Each counter has two comparison registers. The feature allows this product to detect rotation angles and speeds of a rotary encorder. This product can be used as a pulse generator or timer.

Other product line-up
Part Number Description
PEX-630101 1-Channel 32-Bit Timer/Counter PCI Express Product
PEX-631204 32-Bit 4-Channel 3-mode Pulse Counter and 16-Channel Digital Input/Output PCI Express Product
PEX-632102 32-Bit 2-Channel 50MHz Single-Phase Pulse Counter PCI Express Product
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