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Q4 New PCI Express Serial Communications Boards (PDF 155KB)
Q3 New PCI Express 128-Channel DIO Boards (PDF 132KB)
Q2 New Product! CAN/CAN FD PCI-Express Board (PDF 142KB)
Q1 New "High Grade" Industrial Computer With The Latest CPU "Kaby Lake" (PDF 185KB)
Q4 New Ultra Small Industrial Computer "SuperCD"(PDF 179KB)
Q3 Introducing Optical Expansion Units (PDF 155KB)
Q2 Introducing PCI, PCIe Bus Expansion Units (PDF 220KB)
Q1 Introducing Ultra Small Industrial Computer "SuperCD" for any application in anywhere (PDF 184KB)
Q4 New models of PCI Express Interface Boards (PEX-H Series) now available! (PDF 204KB)
Q3 Introducing new PEX-H Interface Module - Ideal replacement for some obsolete PCI Bus modules (PDF 155KB)
Q2 Introducing Interface Industrial Computers reliable in harsh environments (PDF 332KB)
Q1 Introducing Interface Industrial Computers (PDF 333KB)
Q4 New PCI Express Models with Superimpose Mode (PDF 180KB)
Q3 Introducing new PEX Modules for any application (PDF 184KB)
Q2 Introducing Ultra Slim, Small Size, Energy Efficient Industrial Computers (PDF 332KB)
Q1 Introducing New 4th Generation Models of Vehicle Mounted Ultra Thin Embedded Industrial PCs (PDF 332KB)
Q4 New Touch Panel Industrial Computers (PDF 527KB)
Q3 Extensive Line-up of Vehicle Mounted Ultra-Thin Embedded Industrial PCs (PDF 249KB)
Q2 Get the Best-Selling, Ultra-thin Industrial PCs from Interface Amita for your Applications (PDF 3,104KB)
Q1 Extensive Line-up of Modules Available for Long-Term Supply Industrial PCs (PDF 466KB)
Q4 New Intel Core i7 Long-Term Supply Industrial PC (PDF 293KB)
Q3 Over 300 Different Types of PCI Boards (PDF 2,034KB)
Q2 New Ultra-Thin Energy Efficient Industrial PCs (PDF 261KB)
Q1 Fast Data Transfer with PCI Express/PCI Combo Industrial PCs (PDF 289KB)
Q4 New EV Quick Charger Monitoring System for CHAdeMO Quick Chargers (PDF 419KB)
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